New Neighbors


I just moved into a new apartment complex recently. I decided to go and meet my new neighbors. I knocked on the first few doors and met a family and a few older people. I had made it through almost all of the neighbors except for the one right next door to me. I knocked on it last thinking that then I could just dash into my apartment. A very handsome man answered the door. He was wearing just a pair of jeans. He was oh so hot. I just stared at him for a minute because my mind went straight to the dirty things I could do to him. As I was standing there dreaming of running my tongue all over his body, he cleared his throat and I snapped back to reality. Oh my goodness we have been standing here with me staring for a few minutes now. Awkward! I found my tongue again and introduced myself. Told him I am his new neighbor and just wanted to stop and say hi. Then he winked at me! I did not know what the wink was for but it didn’t matter. That simple gesture made me so wet. I could feel my nipples hardening under my blouse. My face began to feel hot. Wait a second, what’s that noise? Do I hear moaning? I move to the side of the door and sure enough I see porn on the television. Now it is his turn to be red. His face is brighter than Rudolph’s nose. I very sweetly smiled at him and put my hand on his arm. I leaned in and softly said, “It’s okay. We all get a little lonely sometimes.” He then invited me in. He was still acting shy but I had had enough. I walked straight up to him and grabbed the button of his jeans. I undid the button and pulled his jeans down to his knees. Then I pushed him back onto the couch. I tasted his dick and balls, I rode him, I licked his entire lap clean from all my juices, and then he came all over my titties. I then licked those clean too. Man, what an afternoon. I had so much fun. Now every time I hear moaning in the apartment next door I go running right over! I think I am gonna like living in this building!

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