Walk in the Park

I love to get dressed out in my sluttiest dress. Wear my sluttiest 5 inch fuck me pumps. And go out looking for some whore boy that I can take care of. I’ve gotten really good at noticing the little sissy bitch’s, that sometimes don’t even know what little sissy fags they really are. I love teasing those little sissy fags until they’re so hard and throbbing they can’t stand it. And sometimes like today I get really lucky. I just got done having a lunch, took a shortcut through the park to go home. I love working by all the little skateboarders the park. They always get so hard when they see a sexy chocolate woman walking by. I spotted this young guy by a tree, staring at me hard-core. So I put on a good little show for him. I bent over and showed him my tight ass. I could tell by the way he was moving that he was stroking his cock, right out there in broad daylight. So I took a quick look around. And flashed him these beautiful tips of mine. He was stroking his cock so hard I thought he was been a pull it off. Then he let out this huge amount and came all over that tree. I wanted to them and give them my address. I told him to stop by later and I would show him how to stroke his cock the right way. And then I will show him how to take my cock the right way.

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