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My dealer let me know we get some new stuff in this week. It’s supposed to be a higher grade. I told him I HAD to try it. But he said that was going to be real hard. That if I wanted some of the new stuff, he was going to need all my girls overnight. Of course my girls know what they were made for. All they are is little fuck toys for mommy to get what she needs. I’ve never let the little fuck toys leave for the night. But I need to fix right now. What the fuck do I care what he’s going to do to them. Honestly, even if he kills the little bitches he will make it up to me. I also know that there must be some room for negotiation. So I told him no that was too much. He counter offered that he was willing to supply an ounce for the girls for one night. WTF. A whole once? That was way more than he would normally offer so I knew something was up. So he told me. He had heard a rumor about some political guy who liked the tiny toys to fuck. And this guy uses him for his party needs. So my dealer was gonna bait him with my little ones. Film the whole thing and then own a bitch. I told him that was fine with me. But I wanted more than an ounce. His plan would not work without my little Fuck sluts. So I told him I wanted one ounce upfront. And another 2 ounces if he got the tape. He jumped all over it. The next day when he dropped my little bitches off, he let me watch the tape. I couldn’t believe it. He must’ve been pretty high, because he ripped to my girls dresses off. He ripped their little panties off. And then he fucked every single hole. He acted like a wild fucking animal. My little cum dumpsters came home filled to the rim with his cum. After a long night of earning mommy a good time! Mmm Just how it should be.

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