My New Obsession

Check this out baby. The Latin Kings and their Queens went out on the prowl last night. We picked out a sweet little brunette at the club and we slipped her a mickey. She was out in no time and we were sneaking her out of the bathroom window.
We took her to the club house and the Kings made her their bukkake whore. They jerked off all over that bitch. When they were done the Queens got to lick her clean. And give her back to our Kings. They ran a train on her and raped every hole and crevice of her. They showed no mercy. Finally it was our turn and she became our bukkake whore. We came all over her. Most of us are squirters and she was covered in our cum. And when it was over the Kings let me slit her throat to finish her off. A rare treat. I slit her ass ear to ear.
I saw you follow me knowing that I am the official disposer for the gang now. I could feel you watching as I raped her there in the secluded darkness. You watched me fuck her with her head flopping grotesquely back from the wound I inflicted while I ravished her dead body. Jacking off behind the bushes, getting off on my new found obsession. My necrophilia fetish. You like it as much as I do.

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