Epiphany On The Ocean

I spent a wonderfully relaxing weekend on the ocean. It is amazing how the ocean air can clear your mind and help you think more clearly. Looking at the pictures I took over the weekend, I have had an epiphany. My friends ask me frequently if I ever plan on having brats. I have never felt the need to have a baby. I mean look at this body, it is perfect in every way. And I have so much fun enjoying life and the attention of men. I realized that having brats for me has to be a choice in the finest mate for such an undertaking. I mean it is no different then keeping blood lines pure in animals like racing horses. I would need to find the perfect man, with compatible genes to mine. Well breed and educated. A handsome and intelligent specimen. I have decided that I am and will be a breeder. Breeding is something that must be researched before you choose the one that will be lucky enough to plant the seed and create the ultimate offspring. Do you think I am crazy for thinking this way? I am, after all a sophisticated woman who has a deep understanding of herself, where she is in life and where she wants to go in her future. My friends say breeding sounds so sterile and in humane, but I say it makes perfect sense. I am the ultimate mate in the breeding arena, intelligent, great blood line and very capable of producing superior off spring to carry on my legacy. Do you think you have what it takes to breed with me? If you do, why? What do you have that the others don’t? I would love to know.

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