Naughty Maid Phone Sex

You walk in the door from work and I am cleaning your house wearing the skimpiest maid uniform ever.  You call me over and tell me your cock needs some spring cleaning. My knees hit  the floor and I give your cock and balls a through tongue cleaning.  I make sure to stick the tip of my tongue inside your pee hole so you have no residue urine left in it. Next thing I know you have me bent over the sofa pushing your dick so deep inside my spicy pink taco. Your so hot I think your frying my pussy meat.  I feel your teeth sinking into my back as you grab my ass with what feels like a claw.  Your other hand is pulling my nipple so roughly that if feel my skin is ripping apart.  Fucking me so good I forget I was the one on duty so I bend over some more and back up on that cock.  I scream I love being your maid papi.



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