Multiple Orgasms With Dixie’s Chics

How much hot, wet pussy can one man handle? We were determined to find out.
He is from Florida, new in town and looking to make friends. He seemed like an OK dude. Not hard on the eyes and possibly a big dick.
The girls and I decided we had to put him through the paces. We invited him over and sat him on the couch. We offered him a drink and then we laid down the law. If he wanted to hang with us he had to not only be hung but be able to hang. This was his initiation. He would have to sit there and watch while he masturbated. He would not be allowed to join in until we all had multiple orgasms.
He had no clue that the girls and I can cum over and over and over again. We are nymphos and we love every minute of cum soaked fun that we have.
First things first, take out that cock of yours and let us see what your working with.
As soon as I saw it, one of my favorite Blues Brother’s songs started playing in my head:

I Don’t Know
“So you gonna walk a mile for a Camel or you gonna make like Mr Chesterfield and satisfy?
That all depends on what your packing regular or king size.
And then he pulled out his Jim Beam and to my surprise it was every bit as hard as his Canadian Club”

We made him sit there jerking off that dick of his for two hours while we made each other cum. Finally we decided we wanted that cock of his and let him join in but he had to make us all cum and he had to shoot a load in or on each of us.
I must say the boy could hang and was hung.
Welcome to the group!

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