I Have One Too

I have always loved pussy just as much as dick. I never thought I would be able to say I have a pussy of my own. But when I saw him sitting there all alone I had to bring him home. He is so cute and furry. I love to feel him lick my face and hand with his rough little tongue. I find my self fascinated by him. The way he cleans his paws after he has lapped up a bowl of milk. I find my self thinking of how I lap up pussy myself and how I love to lick the juice off my fingers and lips, savoring the musky flavor. I watch him when he sleeps and curls up purring, his little whiskers twitching and I am reminded of how it feels to curl up in the arms of another woman after making her cum so hard she has no energy at all. I watch him stalk his toy and the look in his eye before he pounces on it for the kill and I think about the thrill of the chase it takes to get my pussy in my bed. I may not have a pussy between my legs, but my pussy is much better and I love him. And in real life I love the fact that I can please both woman and men with what I have. It is just glorious darling! I think I will learn to purr, that would be fucking hot!

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