Rub My Kitty

My Daddy surprised with a brand new kitten! Since I had been such a good girl to him, he wanted to give me something special. We played with the kitten, tickling its belly and cuddling it. I noticed Daddy getting bigger and told him he sure liked playing with the kitty. *giggles* I was only joking, but Daddy got red in the face and threw me on his lap to give me a spanking. I could feel his big dicky was as he pulled my panties off to spank my bare bottom. Daddy doesn’t like being sassed and I told him how sorry I was. I promised I would do anything to make it up to him. I really loved my new kitty and I really really love Daddy. He rubbed my bottom to soothe how red it was and then started to tickle my kitty! He pushed his long fingers inside my cunny and used his thumb to play with my button making me purr in delight. Then Daddy pulled out his cock so I could get it all wet and ready for my rosy little asshole. I’m such a lucky princess!

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