Party All Night Long

There is nothing better then going to a huge sex party and getting sloppy drunk and fucked in every tight wet hole that will take it. The night started out like any other party, laughing, joking, drinking, getting high. But it wasn’t long until the euphoria of intoxication turned everyone’s senses on and the love fest began. Every where I turned there was sweet pussy,waiting for my fingers or tongue or what ever I could find to pump in and out of it. And everywhere I turned there was a hard cock waiting to invade any tight, throbbing space I had to offer. Someone even set up a few laptops so we could get into some cyber sex and share our party on the web with those less fortunate dicks and cunts that couldn’t join us. Our senses were in over drive and so was the overflow of everyone’s load. The only thing missing, darling, was YOU. You would have had so much fun with us, but you didn’t cum, you didn’t turn on your computer, you didn’t answer my requests. Of course there is always next time, if your game.

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