Make me your Fuck Slave

 I’m a little fuck slave

 short and pretty

 here is my cunny

  and here are my titties

That is all for you baby! I want to be your little fuck slave! I will do anything you want! I am really good at sucking on your meat stick! I will make sure and take it all the way down my throat and make it really wet! That will make my cunny dripping wet! Then I will sit on your lap and bounce and bounce my little cunny up and down! You can even slip your meat stick in my little bitty pink puckered hole!  That would make my cunny dripping wet!  Then you can take your meat stick out of my pretty pink puckered hole and put it in my mouth so I can suck all of my juices off!  If you want you can pull your meat stick out of my mouth and shoot your load all over my pretty little face!


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