The Mall Parking Lot

I have to tell you all about what happened to me at the mall this past weekend. I went to the mall for a wonderful day of shopping spree therapy when I started to notice a man was following me around to random stores. I didn’t think anything of it at first so I just kept on visiting other stores. By the time the sun was starting to go down and I lost track of seeing that perverted guy that was following me from earlier, I began to walk towards my car in the mall parking lot. By the time I was within a few feet of my car, I was suddenly slammed down on the hood of my car bent over with my face down. I was terrified and didn’t know what was going on. Moments later I felt my dress was being pulled up and my panties were forced off to the side as I felt a hard cock thrusting deep into my pussy. The man was pounding me so hard that I couldn’t help but to moan like a cheap whore. Despite being scared,  I wanted to know who was ravaging my pussy so I glanced over and there was the pervert that followed me all through out the mall fucking me deep and hard. Once he was done he took off my panties and left me there on the hood of my car. However, I must say that being taken over in the mall parking lot was the highlight of my weekend. I needed something to make my weekend exciting. 

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