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Brat Gets A Spanking

Spanking phone sex

When he told me to watch my tone, that when I knew to keep pushing his buttons. I met this guy outside of a bar and he asked if I wanted to go back to his place. He looked like he would be fun, so I agreed. When we got there I was moving things along on my terms and when he told me to get on his lap I had told him no in a very defiant tone. When he told me to mind myself and watch my tone I couldn’t help but squirm a bit. I told him “no” again. He just kept getting more and more annoyed. I continue to defy him, I wanted him to take it not ask for it. Finally he grabbed me and pulled me down onto his lap and started wailing on my ass. One painful smack one after the other, each one filling me with delight. He realized I responded much better to force, he got me to bend over so he could fuck my ass and spank me at the same time. Punishing me for being such a spoiled little brat to him.

Great Customer Service

Barely Legal Phone Sex

I was out shopping earlier today and I would love to talk about my experience. I wanted to try on a particular dress but I could get the zipper all the way up without any help. So I stuck my head out and saw a guy standing near by wearing a shirt similar to the one the girl employee who let me into the dressing rooms was wearing. I explained I needed help getting my dress on and he walked right into the dressing stall with me. I did think much when he locked the door behind him to help me. He zipped it up and started running his hands down my body commenting that I looked gorgeous in it. I looked in the mirror and saw him smiling at me. He reached up the dress and put his hand right on top of my pussy. “No panties?” he asked. I blushed, and he started to slip his fingers inside me. At this put it was obvious on a closer look he did not work at the store but he made sure I received amazing service.

Worship Me

Princess Phone Sex

How do you think a guy like you gets my attention? You make it worth my time of course! I know I’m cute and sexy, I could have any guy I wanted. I’m in it for the attention and fun, and ultimately to be spoiled! I’m a Princess, if you want my love and affection be prepared to open that wallet and shower me with all the materialistic affection I could ever want. I’ll spread my perfect long legs for you as long as you spend your time and money on me. Isn’t it worth it? I mean how else are you going to get to play with this perfect peach of mine. It’s the harsh reality of things, girl like me don’t hang out with losers, and we certainly don’t fuck around with them without something to gain. Call me a bitch I don’t care, I enjoy rolling around in my bed of money listening to your pleas.

A Girl’s Real Best Friend

Black Cock Phone Sex

You know that tired saying that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” well that is total bull. Forget the diamond bangle bracelet or the overly priced diamond necklace. We know those our things you get for us because you are unable to give us what we really deserve. The one very persistent and always giving treat for any girl is a big black cock. That’s right a big juicy BBC is the true best friend to any girl. Certainly much better than what you have to offer and more useful than sparkly trinkets. I want to be fucked and left thinking about it all day, spoiling me is nice but if you really want to see me smile, get me a wild ride I can enjoy whenever I want!

My Brother My Dick

Brother/Sister Phone Sex

I grew up with three brothers, two older and one younger. Of course at times when I was real like they found me annoying and I wasn’t a big fan of them either. They were always telling on me or picking on me. At some point though all that started to change, they liked hanging out with me and I liked hanging out with them. Especially my oldest brother, I would always see him be real sweet to his girlfriends and it made me a little jealous. I wanted him to be nice to me like that and give me all his attention. So one day I spied on them when they were in his room and I watched as she was on her knees sucking his cock. Which was all the information I needed to know how to get him wrapped around my finger too. The next morning I snuck into his room and climb in his bed up and got under the covers. I pulled his cock out of his boxers and started to lick it. It tasted salty but kind of in a good way I liked it so I kept going. He started to wake up when I had the head of his cock in my mouth, he pulled the covers up and was completely surprised. He put his hand on my head and started to try to push me off but when I went down further on his cock he started pushing my head down more. He didn’t let up until he blew his load down the back of my throat. We’ve been having secret fun like that ever since.

Happy Birthday Baby

Teen Phone Sex

So I think I’m going to start a new little fun tradition. In my opinion everyone should get a little something special for their birthday. Every time a guy tells me it’s their birthday I’m already thinking in my head how to make it a great one. Of course all of my ideas typically have something to do with their dick being in me one way or the other. Maybe I have a birthday boy fetish? *Giggle* Is that a thing, or is it just me? Either way I think every birthday boy should make sure to get a sloppy wet blowjob from me or bend me over and give my ass a big birthday pounding! It’s always the birthday boys choice, no matter what! 

Drive-thru Fun

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Everyone has always told me that I’m spoiled and always find a way to get what I want. Normally I just laugh but I never really thought that to be true, but the truth is I’m just not told no often enough for me to notice. I got to really test how good I am at getting what I want the other day. I was on my way home from a friend’s house one night and had this huge craving for a particular sandwich. So I stopped by the drive-thru only to find out, they stopped serving that type of sandwich at a particular time. First I asked really nicely and the man still said no, so I asked if I could pull forward. I had my heart set on getting what I wanted so while pulling around I unbuttoned my top, and gave him a very suggestive look when I asked again. Again he declined although it was noticeable he had some hesitation. With a wicked little grin I asked once more that it would mean a lot if he made it for me and then special delivered it to my car, and I pointed to a spot I would park. I bit my lower lip waiting for his response, which he did finally cave. So I parked and waiting, my mind racing on what I had just done. I started to rub my pussy getting excited for his “delivery”. A few short moments later he approached my car and watched me playing with myself, I invited him in and told him to throw the bag in the back. He settled into the passenger sit while I moved forward and started to suck his cock. He blew his load right into my mouth which put me over the edge and I came too. So I guess what they say about me is right, I do find ways to get what I want.

I’m A Great Babysitter

Babysitter Phone Sex

I have been the go to neighborhood babysitter for a couple of years now. I’m great with the little ones and parents absolutely adore me. For multiple reasons that’s for sure. I like to consider myself a full service baby-sitter. I know the job of being a parent is so hard, my daddy was often exhausted and stressed. It’s so important to have someone there who is looking out for what you need, to help take the load off. I get the brats to sleep and that’s only half the job. The other half is to be ready to take care of the daddies and even sometimes the mommies when they return home. It’s hard work but someone has to be the reliable teen babysitter slut.

Teen Princess Gets What She Wants

Princess Phone Sex

I’m not one to do things I don’t want to do. I’m highly skilled in the craft of manipulation to get what I want, and my reactions are perfectly planned. So yeah I would say I’m a very clever little brat. I’m sexy, beautiful and guys are easily excited by me giving them the time of day. Getting what I want has always been a very simple task. If my clever little mind games don’t do the trick the my sweet teen pussy will. I’m a smart little slut, who will rule over you like a princess but love you like a whore. A perfect combination, don’t you think? Obviously you do or else you wouldn’t be touching your cock thinking about me. 

Play With Your Favorite Barely Legal

Barely Legal Phone Sex

It’s obvious I’m not trying to hide my how much I love being a little teen slut. I love the attention and all the fun dirty hot situations I get myself into. I’ve fucked a lot of places inside, outside, public places the idea of getting caught is a big turn on actually. Spend some time with me and you’ll realize how I easily become a little addiction. Because I’m a barely legal whore with absolutely no rules or restrictions to what fun we can have. The idea of getting you off is something I enjoy, truly it’s fun to think about how much cum my little dirty self is responsible for.  So let my sweet little body and my incredible naughty mind get you off tonight!