Play ‘Truth or Dare’ with Princess Paris

I have recently acquired a bunch of new sissies that are very new to the fabulous sissified world.  I decided that it was time for me to properly break in all these prissy sissy newbies by throwing a special party for them. The theme for this party is ‘Truth or Dare’. The way I set up the game is by me picking out a sissy randomly to do either truth or dare. Now there is a twist on how I expect them to play this game. Which is, if they choose to turn down the task given to them I will make them do something really humiliating  to the point that they wished they had done the truth or dare task as I instructed them to do in the first place.  I think that these wittle winkie dinkie sissies did well during the party, so at the end I made them get naked and pair up with the closest sissy near them. Then I ordered them to start playing with one another by sucking off their partner’s tiny pee stick until they both creamed in each other’s mouths. Oh yes, what good little cum catchers they will become! 🙂

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