We Love Mass Effect 3

hot phonesex zettaMy friends and I have been jamming to this game for a long time. We got turned on to Mass Effects 1 and progressed to Mass Effect 2 but it wasn’t until mass Effect 3 that someone decided we could combine our sexual appetites with the game.
You see the game is a futuristic sci-fi kind of game and has some explicit sex scenes. The great thing about it is it does not discriminate, there are scenes that are heterosexual, there are homosexual scenes and even inter-species mating.
Commander Shepard is very handsome and does not discriminate at all in his mating rituals.
Since our friends are of all sexual persuasions it seemed a natural progression to include some role playing during these scenes for the pleasure of each other and the group as a whole.
Needless to say we game much more then before we came up with this plan. It has become an obsession that we all love for various reasons and it has made for some very interesting gaming sessions to say the least!

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