Good Night, Little Leslie

I had my very first sleepover last night. My friend Mary brought me to her house and showed me her pink room. Her fluffy, quilted comforter was so soft and it made me sleepy right away! Mary told me that since he was a single parent, her dad always came in to kiss her goodnight. But when Mary’s dad came in later, he did much more than kiss her! I tried to cover my ears and sink down beneath the blankets, but I heard and saw everything. Just as it was beginning to end, I convinced myself to drift off and forget about the whole thing. After all, plenty of adults have touched me down there before. So what if Mary’s dad does that to her, too? After all, she’s a very nice friend, and Mary’s dad was probably just showing her how much he loves her. So that’s why, later that night, I wasn’t prepared for my own blankets to be yanked off. Boom! Right as I was drifting off into a wonderland called Slumberland, I felt the covers leave my body, and big, thick, grown-up hands covering my teeny, soft girl titties! I thought it was a dream at first, but dreams can’t feel that good . . . can they?

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