Blow Jobs And Video Games!

I know how you like to play video games. Don’t mind me, I wont get in your way. Just relax and handle the controller as I go to work on your controller.  My talent is submission. I live to serve. I can make that video game so much better for you. Let me get on my knees and take you into my mouth while you kill all of those god-awful zombies.  I’ll show you the real Apoca-Lips! I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way daddy, you are my hero! . Let me be your subby cocksucking fuck slut. You can shove your love rod down my throat until you release your load for me to swallow. You make me feel protected, the way you take your big gun and destroy all those evil beings. My pussy gets so wet watching you save the day. I hope when you are finished that you will fuck me right here on the couch where the greatness took place just moments earlier. I want to please you. I will please you. Whatever you want to do to me on this couch is fine with me…and my pussy.

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