Licking Me Clean

I have so many fantasies. Sometimes I just sit around and use my imagination and play with my pussy. I want to share a fantasy with you today but I have so many I can’t decide which one to tell you. I have one where a friend of mine and I get a hotel room and call over a bunch of escorts. We all start fucking and then we say hey by the way we are brother and sister and just watch their reaction. I think that one is pretty hot but I think I have decided which one I will tell you. In my fantasy I am married to a pretty awesome guy. We are in an open relationship and we have the hottest sex ever as a result. Well one day we are in the kitchen, which is my favorite room in the house. He is helping me to cook something wonderful and tasty for dinner. Having him in the kitchen right beside me makes me all wet and hot for his cock. I look at him and drop to my knees. He knows that I want him. I waste no time taking him in my mouth and suck on him until he explodes in my mouth. Then he pulls me up and bends me over the island in the kitchen. What a dirty little slut you are he says as he lifts up the back of my skirt exposing my dripping wet pussy to him. I am not wearing panties. I never wear any panties. He smacks the cheek of my ass with his palm. Oh I am so turned on I can barely contain myself. Please I beg slip your fingers in me. Just then the kitchen door opens. Daddy, what are you doing to mommy? Nothing bad sweetheart. Come here and see. I try to lift myself up off the island but my husband holds me in position. I am so hot. I can feel my own juices running down my legs. Honey, would you like to see what mommy tastes like? Come here and taste my finger. He then slips one finger inside me. I am so wet. He takes his finger that is covered in my juices and offers it to our little one for a taste. She hesitates at first and then eagerly takes his whole finger in her tiny little mouth. Yummy she yells! Mommy you taste like hot apple cider! I could not take it any more. I begged to be fucked. Please oh please fuck me now! And so he did, hard and fast right there on the island in the kitchen. When we were finished he flipped me over and laid me on top of the island. He then spread my legs and I opened them wide for him. I knew he could see his cum dripping from inside me. He bent down and started to clean his own cum with his tongue. Then he asked our little one if she wanted to try it. For the next hour he taught our youngster how to make me cum while they took turns cleaning his cum out of my pussy. What do you think of my fantasy?

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