She Walks The Street Alone

Every day now for a week I have seen this pretty young blonde wondering the neighborhood. She has the most innocent look about her but I know she should be in school. She can’t be all that innocent.
Monday morning rolled around and it wasn’t long before I saw her again. I happened to be watching a cunt wetting S&M and with out the girls home I was so fucking horny.
I went to my closet and took out all my bondage toys. I laid in bed whipping my pussy with one hand and fucking it with the other. All the while the image of this young blonde running through my head. After almost an hour of trying to satisfy my hot and wet pussy, thinking abut her, I had to try.
I got up and got dressed and watched out of my window. It seemed like forever and then there she was!
I opened the door and called for her to come over. I introduced myself and asked her if she would like to come inside. We sat at the table and I fixed us a sandwich and drink. I found out her name was Hillary and she was in high school. The more she talked I could tell she was flirting with me. The sex just oozed out of her young body.
It seems she is new in town and just doesn’t want to go to school. Her parents work. She pretends to get on the bus but is then locked out of the house. Since they don’t know anyone in the neighborhood no on has told her parents, yet.
My CD player must have been on repeat because suddenly the porn I was watching started up and the sounds of sex were unmistakable.
When I got up to turn it off she followed me and stopped me sitting on the couch to watch. Looking at her out of the corner of my eye I could see her nipples growing as hard as mine and she started squirming.
I reached over and undid her blouse, she gave me her perky tits and they tasted so sweet. When I reached my hand under her skirt her panties were soaked.
By this time she was breathing heavy and managed to tell me she had always wondered about S&M but had never tried it. It was obvious it was turning her on.
I took he to my room where all my toys were still laid out and her eyes became little balls of fire. Her tight body aching for what was to cum.
I spent the whole afternoon teaching Hillary all about S&M as we made each other cum over and over again. Each time I did something to her, she would repeat the same on me.
As we took a shower before she had to return home, I told her she could come over any time to spend the day with me.
I can’t wait for her to meet the girls and for all of us to enjoy a day together!

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