RPG Dixie Style

hot phonesex dixieSome weekends my friends and I get together to game. We love Dungeons and Dragons and know just how to turn a fun fantasy game set in medieval times into some down and dirty fucking fun.
I play a wicked little Kinder and my best girlfriend plays a naughty little Elf. There are a bunch of us and everyone has different fictional characters they play. If you have never done role play it is a must and can go off in many different directions.
Anyway we are getting together this weekend to play and my girlfriend gave me a call. She wanted me to come with her to an appointment. Of course I said yes but she wouldn’t tell me what it was.
My pussy got wet, my nipples hard and I had so many kinky things running through my mind.
I was so surprised when we got to the doctors office and the first thing I thought was she was pregnant.
She just laughed and told me to be patient it was for our game.
Now I was really miffed. We got into the doctors office and they started talking about the procedure. I couldn’t believe it, she was getting a body mod procedure, elf ears!
At first I thought she was off her rocker, more then normal. but when he got done and I have to say, she has the cutest little elf ears.
I can’t wait till they heal, her ears are very sensitive and I want to be the first one to lick and suck them and get her pussy all wet and ready for the fucking.

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