Man Eater Time It’s MMMMM Good

Last night was ladies night darling. A glorious evening of drinking, dancing and male strip clubs. Lot’s of horny, hot fucking hunks!
Of course I was dressed to kill and my dick was hard all night. Finding the right one to bring home was the hard part and deciding on just one was even more challenging.
Darling don’t you know I can never decide on just one and whenever possible more then one is what I decide on.
The more the merrier and last night was no exception.
The grand finale of the strip show with dicks flying and lotion squirting every where took me over the top.
By the end of the night the two fine young male specimens that I brought home were drunk and so fucking horny that we went all night long.
Sucking those huge cocks and making them spew jizz for real was heaven and I swallowed every last drop.
They were finger licking good darling and I am exhausted. Time to rest tonight and get ready for tomorrow and a return trip!

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