One Bad Ass Gang Bang

When I feel crossed or screwed it doesn’t take long for me to get a pay back plan in my pretty little head.
Can’t you see the wheels turning and the delicious thoughts running through my mind?
Who would have thought that such a sweet looking thing like me could come up with such a fucked up pay back?
I know you did, didn’t you? You know me well…
My pussy started seeping sweet juicy cum from the second I decided on what would happen.
I had just the group of fellas that would be more then happy to help me put this plan in action and I would be watching the whole thing. (Getting fucked for fun and from the pleasure of watching my revenge of course)
Of course she is a horny little wench always ready for some kinky fun so talking her into meeting me for a good old gang bang with the fellas was easy.
When we got there the room was empty and she was slightly confused which just made this all the more fun.
Then in walked my gorgeous fuck, the one that would watch the show with me and fuck my soaking wet cunt as I creamed endlessly while enjoying my revenge.
And then they came in, the gang, my boys, all dressed in black, all in white masks so she wouldn’t know what they looked like, dicks out and rock hard.
Before she knew what was happening they had her and they ripped every stitch of clothes off her with out giving two shits as to what she would wear when it was all over. They used and abused that bitch in the best fucking bad ass gang bang I have ever seen. All while I got fucked pretty good myself.
You know what they say fellas, revenge is a dish best served cold. I say, ice cold, straight out of the fucking freezer so be careful who you piss off!

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