Easter Egg Hunt

I love Easter. The college around the way always has an adult Easter egg hunt. They hide the eggs in woods behind the campus. I look forward to it EVERY year. There is no sing in sheet. No one knows or keeps track of who participates. And everyone separates and wonders in the woods. It is so easy to get one alone. I park on a small patch in the back. I have an orange jack the Refs wear. And when I find the one I want. I tell her I know where the special egg is hid and I can show her where it is at. She follows me like a lamb to the slaughter. I point to an egg, I half buried in in some leaves. And when she bends down to pick it up. I use the chloroform rag to knock her ass out. When she wakes up, She is naked and chained to a table in the middle of now where. And the fun Begins. What shall we do …. She is so scared. So alone. Begging for someone to help her.

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