Tax Season.

Who likes to get their fucking taxes done? 


But, I do like getting my taxes done while being FUCKED!

So, I went down to the H&R Block yesterday to get my taxes filed for me.. I immediately spot the purrrrfect man for the job. I strolled right over to him with all of my paperwork ready to be analyzed, but what I was analyzing was his cock through his dress pants.. I could see an outline of it, and I wanted it in my MOUTH!

“Hi, I’m Cody.. You’re Rick? Could you help me file my taxes for me?” I asked slyly, “Why, yes I can! Please have a seat and let’s get started..” Rick said, he was already staring at my erect nipples through my blouse and I knew he wanted to fuck me right there on his desk in front of everyone!

“Okay, let’s start with you job.. You work as an Independent Contractor..?” He asks, “Yes, I work in the entertainment industry, I’m a really good show if you know what I mean..” 

He starts to squirm behind his desk and I can see in his eyes his cock is getting hard thinking about being inside my tight pussy.

I already have in my mind, my taxes are going to be filed for free, and I will get some fun out of it. 

“Rick, do your blinds close in this office?” I ask him with a smirk on my face.. 

“Yes, yes they do.. is there something we need to discuss more privately Cody?” I love when he says my name.. I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second..

“Well, there’s not much we need to discuss except for my mouth around your hard cock while you’re filing my taxes babe..” 

His eyebrows raise in amusement and wonder, I know he wants me to suck his cock and swallow his load, and fuck I really want to do that for him!

He stands up and walks over to his office windows, closes all of the blinds and the door.. He then walks back over to me, picking me up and putting me right on the desk.. His cock is so hard it’s pressing again my pussy through his pants.. As we’re kissing each other,  I reach down to grab him in it’s fullest and to my surprise it’s way bigger than I had imagined.. 

I get down on my knees and pull his long cock out.. Instantly sliding it into my mouth. I start deep throating his cock and kissing his balls every time he shoves the whole length of it into my mouth.. He’s moaning and my eyes are watering from having his cock thrusted into the depths of my throat.. 

“Rick.. about my taxes..” I remind him, because I’m not doing this for free 😉

“Oh yes, I almost forgot.. by the way your tight little mouth was wrapped about my cock I couldn’t even remember what I was doing in the first place….” He sits down at his desk and I’m on my knees in front of him.. 

He’s clicking through the computer, filling in all of my information while I’m massaging his balls and taking his whole cock in my mouth.. 

“I’m almost done with your taxes Cody..” I speed up on sucking his cock and go as hard and fast as possible.. 

“Oh fuck.. OH FUCK SWALLOW ME CODY.. SWALLOW ME ALL…” He shoots his hot cum right into the back of my throat as he clicks the mouse and my taxes are complete…

“Thank you,” he stammers.. I swallow his load and say “No, Rick, thank you ;)… See you next tax season!”

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