I Know You Want Me To Fuck You!

Tranny Phone Sex

Yesterday I went to a car show, hot cars turn me on almost as much as hot sex! Just so happens at this car show with all those hot cars I got some hot sex too! There was a guy there that kept following me around and he was very hot, so finally I turned around and said “what the fuck do you want?” and his reply was “my cock up that sweet little ass of yours:!  No thought at all was necessary, I said come on, lets find a comfortable back seat. Well we found this totally cherry 57 Chevy Belair with tuck and roll leather seats that was just at the end of the lot which was perfect for what I had in mind. We climb into the back seat and this guy wasted no time at putting his hand up my skirt, I was a little shocked that it really didn’t seem to phase him so I said, after your done fucking my sweet little ass then I will be fucking that rock hard ass of yours, and he just grinned. His cock was pretty good sized and he fuck my little ass really hard. I asked if he wanted to suck my cock before I fucked him and he did, however that was the first time he seem surprised, he said damn your cock is huge! I just smiled and shoved his head onto my cock, I blew my hot was into his mouth in not time at all! It was just a matter of minutes and I was ready to fuck that rock hard ass of his, I showed no mercy, I teased his ass with the head of my cock for a while and his moans told me he was really getting turned on, I reach around and grabbed his cock so I could jack him off as I shoved my 10 inch cock all the way in his ass! He yelped just a little but before long he was grinding his ass hard into my cock, we both shot our wads at the same time.  Just as we finished up and had begun putting ourselves back together we looked up and saw that we had drawn quite the crowd. So as I got out of the back seat of this beautiful 57 Chevy, I look into the crowd and said “I know you want me to fuck you too!

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