An Obsession With Riley

Submissive Phone SexYesterday Riley came over for lunch to catch up and visit for a while.  She used to be our neighbor and I would take care of her after school until somebody came home from work.  She loved being at my house when she was younger because she would get to do whatever she wanted, and nobody ever told her no.  Riley is a little advanced for her age, and my husband noticed this right away.  My little man came in while we were eating lunch and told us that his father wanted him to come in and spend time with us.  Riley knew exactly what this meant so she lifted her skirt, and my little man dove between her legs and started eating Riley’s tight little pussy.  I watched as this went on for a few minutes and got I got so wet it was like a waterfall was between my legs.  My little man told me to get down on my hands and knees, and told Riley to lay down on the floor in front of me.  He had me eat her pussy while he fucked me.  I made Riley cum three times before she begged me to stop.  Once he was done and his cum was inside me, he ordered Riley to suck his cock and balls until he was hard again because he was going to fuck her too.  We spent the next few hours have a great time!  We love it when Riley visits.

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