It’s a Fuck Feast

It is time for the annual feast of the Kings. This year I will play the turkey. I’ll bend over and you gobble bitch!
The Queens are getting together a special treat for our feast this year. Deserts will be on us, literally. We are going to pose in the form of tables and the desert display will be set up on us.
Wouldn’t you make room, even if stuffed to the gills, to eat your favorite pumpkin pie off my ass as it is perched high in the air? Or perhaps you prefer pudding served on plump tits, nipples hard and peeking threw the center of the bowl? It is going to be perfect for the Kings that have a food fetish. And perfect for those of us that love gang bangs!
I have a feeling that desert is going to turn in to so much more then sweets that were baked. What better way to work off the calories of the day and pass out then to have a great big fuck feast at the end of the day? Wouldn’t you love to join us for desert?

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