Want some CUMpany?


So the holidays are here. Whoopee doo! Who give a FUCK?! That doesn’t stop you from getting FUCKING hard. Now does it? *(seductive laugh)* You and I hope know that you would rather get the family visiting / stuffing your gut full of food over with quickly so that way you can leave in a hurry to get to my big FUCKING hard cock in your mouth. You are thinking that you are thankful for all the cum I am going to giving your mouth and up your pumpkin pie. You know I have the best desert for you that no pecan pie will do for you nut craving. *(seductive wink)* I know how thankful you really are to have found me for all of your sexy thoughts of my cock. Especially when we meet some where public and no one know what I am packing in my satin panties. *(sexy laughing)* That’s fine with me and I have no problems playing the part of your dirty FUCKING secrets! *( blow you a kiss)*

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