I put a spell on you

I put a spell on you … and now you are mine! This is no trick but a real magical spell I placed upon your sissy booty. I am not going to turn you into a monster or a toad with ugly warts. This spell will turn you into a pretty pink sissy that will always look cute in tiny, silky dresses, panty hoes stockings, and really tall, sexy high heel shoes. You will forget about those silly man clothes that you wear everyday to convince yourself that you are a real man. Like whatever! LOL! You will never be a REAL man ever again! Especially after I cast this spell on you, pink and panties will be the only thing you will need to know about and wear for the rest of your girly, sissy, little life. This spell will make you look glamorous and sexy everyday from here on out. Make up and jewelry are all that you need to complete this sissy spell. So go now to your closet and there you will see that I turned all of your ugly, old man clothes into dresses, panties, bras, and sexy high heels. There is no turning back now, sissy. Poof !!! It is done , you are pretty sissy!

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