Haunted House

There was this spooky, old abandon house at the end of the block in my neighborhood. No one lived in it and no one would ever gone near it either. They say that it is haunted by the family that was murdered there. It was a family with a mom, a dad, and three cute, little pig-tailed girls. It happened on a Halloween night after everyone went to sleep, someone came into the house and slaughtered the whole family. But the killer drained them all of their blood in the bathtub and then bathed in it. The cops never found the bodies or the killer and the only found the bathtub still full of blood. After that, no will lived in that house since then because they say that the killer will come back to murder anyone who steps into that house. I never believed that story until last year…

Last Halloween, my boyfriend and I were dared to go into that house on Halloween Night for the whole evening. So my boyfriend and I agreed to doing it because we weren’t scared or believed any of the stories. That night we went into that house and started looking around. The family’s belongings were still in the house and the blood splatters were still over the walls. So we went to the living and built a fire in the fireplace. Before I knew it I fell asleep on the couch with my boyfriend. 

Later on that night, I woke up and looked down on the floor to find my boyfriend’s body stripped naked in a pool of blood. He was cut and gutted wide open from throat to his dick. I started to scream and freak out!!! I stood up and right in front of me was the wall covered in blood that spelled out “You are next Shyla”. I shrieked and ran out of that house. The killer was never found and Halloween is only a week away.

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