I Need You Now…


You have been on my mind all day.  I just couldn’t wait to get home, so I could take a long, hot bubble bath, drink some of my favorite wine, and rub myself.  My thoughts drifted to your hands, rubbing all over my body.  Mmmm, I imagined you adding a little massage oil, to make me nice and slippery.  Then, you slid your fingers into my warm, sweet spot, and pleased me all the way to Ahhhhh!  But, you weren’t done!  You wrapped those warm lips around my erect nipples, licking one, then the other, back and forth.  You sucked on me like pure nectar was oozing from my breasts.  Ooooh, you always know just the right touch to get me soaking wet for you.  You slowly lowered yourself on top of me, and placed your raging hard cock right in front of my love flower.  Slowly you enter me, savoring every moment, until you could go no deeper.  My honey pot clenched, holding on to you strong, not wanting this moment to ever end.  You began to slide yourself in and out of me with deliberately, angled thrusts, stroking my G-spot.  My hips began to lose control, and gyrate up into your every thrust.  I came hard, coating your manhood with my cream.  You followed, sprinkling my breasts with your warm release.  But, it was all a dream…

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