Your Little Secret

Some women moan and groan about being the little secret. Not me though, I like being your little secret. I like a man that likes to be mysterious and sneaky all at the same time. Do not get me wrong I would love to be your one and only, but sometimes we both know that is not possible. So, you do not have to tell me all about your worries of leaving your little ones behind. Because, with me it will always be kept a secret just me and you will know. I am here to fulfill our all the dreams and fantasies that your wife or girlfriend can not do for you, or the ones that you just do not want to tell them about. We do not have to keep any secrets besides the one about me and you,because I support whatever wild, and kinky things that you want to try. So, call me and make me your little secret tonight. Do not keep being unhappy in your marriage or relationship when I could bring all the excitement that you need just being your little secret.

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