Just the tip

Like omg! I had this really hot call with a guy that I got to drive CUMpletely crazy. His voice was so sexy that every time he would say anything to me I could feel my fingers slipping down to my wet, panties. He just loved the way I would tease him and his dick by blowing kisses and brushing up against his body. Or when I made his dick jump when I would grab on to it and rub the tip of his dick all around my lips to smear his pre-cum as if it was gooey lip gloss. He begged me to put his dick inside of my tight slit. But with me know that he is into being heavily teased and denied by my pretty pink sweetness … I did the best thing for him and his dick. I told him ” No, no, no! You know you can’t ever have this!” as I pulled my moist panties off to the side. But he can rub it all over my boobies until he is about to explode. Then right as he was about to squirt all over my itty bitty titties, I told him that he can only just stick the tip of his dick in me to give me his creamy goo. Thank you for sharing your hard wood deep in my garden! 😉

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