I Love Pizza Pie

My cousin runs a pizza parlor here in town and I love going in after hours for a special pie! It always makes my cunt nice and wet knowing I am going for my treat. I am never disappointed with the pie or the extra topping I get. Wouldn’t you just love to be my extra topping tonight? You can add your special sauce to my pie. Trust and believe I am a hungry girl and will gobble it all up. If your a good boy my cousin will make you a pie and I will be your topping. I have some special sauce of my own you know. I could eat pizza pie every day and never skip a beat because of my special pecker-onies…..LMAO. A good pizza pie a nice cold beer or two or three…and lots of kinky fuckery on the side makes for a perfect night for me! What about you? Want to join me for dinner tonight at my cousins place? It’s going to be a late night so don’t plan on going any where for a while!

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