Our New Game

The girls and I love to go out and have a good time. I always fantasize about the guys at the bar and what I could do with them. It really gets my little pink pussy all wet and smelling of sex. I make sure to wear something that will give me easy access to my love nest so that I can finger it and rub it under the table right there in the club. I love making myself cum in public. But I digress, I wanted to tell you about the new game the girls and I started playing. We are practicing our seduction skills. When we get to the club we each have to pick a man out of the crowd. Each one of us identifies our target. The rules of the game are you can not talk to the man to get him. You must use eye contact and flirtatious looks and seductive body language. The first girl that is able to get her target to come to our table wins. We each put in $20.00 and the girl that wins gets the pot. You can not take your target home, but you can give your target to a friend. The guys end up so confused and we have so much fun playing this game. Maybe you will be lucky enough to be a target tonight.

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