Switch Hitter

I am sitting here rubbing my perky tits the nipples are so hard! I slide my other hand down to my crotch and start stroking my huge cock as I think about our date tonight. Last night was so much fun. The movie was perfect, dinner was divine. You are a wonderful kisser and making out drove me crazy. I could tell by our conversation that you are very adventurous sexually and I am pretty sure tonight I will share my huge fuck stick with you. I can’t wait to get down on my knees for you and suck your cock like no one has ever sucked it before. I would love to put my dick between your lips and feel your tongue roll around my shaft. We are going to have such a great time you and I. I hope you will let me pour sweet coconut oil all over you and give you an intense massage which will eventually lead to a prostate massage and rim job before I take your ass for my own. I will gladly give you mine as well. Ahhhh I am going to cum just thinking about it, it is going to be so fucking hot. See you soon big boy.

Your Switch Hitter

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