I love BDK’s Massive BBC

cock worshiping phone sex

I’ve officially been fucked hard and rough everywhere. As one of his favorite little sluts, Big Daddy King invited me out on an expensive vacation. Flying out in a private jet has its perks. Like riding that massive cock 40,000 feet in the air. It still amazes me every time I pull that huge cock out of his compression shorts. He has the perfect dick for cock worshiping phone sex. I know I’m one of the luckiest sluts in the world to get to taste that BBC. Fuck. Big isn’t accurate enough. Enormous is the right word for it. It’s bigger than my fucking face. Wrapping my lips around it is a challenge on its own. But I still love how it feels when he starts to fuck my pretty face. He loves when I record myself being a dirty whore for him and choking on that massive cock. It gets me soaking wet when I feel him pushing past my uvula and making me gag on him. He always makes me beg for that cock when I finally get to fuck him. BDK’s thick chocolate rod always stretches my pussy out so fucking good. Riding his dick kills me in the best way. Holding on to his shoulders and trying my best to bounce up and down on him while he splits me in half. Hot ass sex with Big Daddy makes me act like a brain-dead cum slut. Especially when he shoots his millionaire load deep into me, breeding his nasty little slut.

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