Naked Teen Pictures Photoshoots Gone Wrong

naked teen picturesMy mom use to get mad that I would take so many naked teen pictures of myself.  I just loved pictures!  So much so that when an older guy stopped me on the streets and wanted to get a teen model to pose for him for his portfolio, I was all in!  In turn, I would get free pictures from it. I thought, why not? I love being naked. I was about to graduate and thought I may need a portfolio to get into modeling or porn.

My best friend tagged along one day as we headed to a shady part of town to meet this guy. We headed into his place and he greeted us in his towel.  He apologized saying he was running late from his day job and to make ourselves at home while he got ready.  We saw some drinks poured for us so of course, we started chugging. Party girls never turn down a free drink, right?

We were feeling tipsy and this guy was taking forever.  I really wanted these naked pictures done as I  had  big dreams of being in Playboy one day.  So we tried being patient.  Kept pouring the drinks from the bottle on the table.  Until we finally decided to just take off our clothes ourselves. Yes, the alcohol was guiding our decisions. However, you only live once!

Before we knew it, we were naked making out on the couch, touching each other all over. I remember her wet pussy in my face and then mine in hers.  Her tongue feeling better than any guys tongue had in long time. I don’t know why but I could’nt get enough of my friends pussy that night.

It was like something in that drink made me horny as could be. I couldn’t keep my hands off my beautiful sexy friend.  My fingers explored her entire body, every hole I wanted that night and got it.  Imagine not even being in a house 30 minutes before you are naked and ramming things in your sexy best friends pussy as she did the same to me for hours and hours. I forgot why we were even there by the end.  I was so hammered but it didn’t stop me from having my way with my best friend.  Boy she looked sexy that night.  I got all over that girl and rocked her world.

What I didn’t get that night? Pictures. Bummer but at least I got to finally fuck my hot best friend.

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    • John on July 18, 2023 at 12:59 PM
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    Such a naughty hoe! Good God you are sexy little mama

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