BlackMail At Its Finest 

Financial Domination Phone Sex

BlackMail At Its Finest 

You are in the middle of a work meeting when your phone buzzes. Not once, not twice, not even three times. It gives off 4 little dings. You sneak a peek and see that they are all notifications from your credit card. Opening it up you see I am prepping for our Financial Domination Phone Sex session. I have gone shopping, on you. 

Charges from Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, the nail salon and even lunch all on your card. As you are looking at the charges your dick starts to throb. You love being my pay pig. As you get ready to put your phone away another message comes through. It is a picture of our messages with a little note. My shopping spree has just begun. You respond quickly, no please I can not have all these charges. 

Oh, but you can and you will. See I have all of your information every drop. Unless you want your wife to know about every single penny you have given me, to see all of those dirty messages you send you are going to do whatever it is that I want. 

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