You Really Think You Know?

Usually when I eaves drop on the three hot young room mates by the pool I end up with a wet and horny pussy and in my room masturbating. They are usually talking about their evening and the conquests they had. All trying to out “fuck story” the other. I know 90% of it is all bull shit that they make up, but it is fucking hot just the same. Today was a little different, they were swapping dating advice and what they thought a chick wanted on the first date. What they thought it would take to get more then a hand shake at the end of the date. What it would take for a kiss and the difference between a peck and a good deep tonsil hockey kiss. What it would take to get them invited in for a cocktail and what would get them a make out session and possibly a piece of ass on that first date. They were sharing advice from the old “man bible” It was really very funny because they had some things right but for the most part they hadn’t a clue. I wanted to interject and give them some real advice about how to get hot pussy action on the first date but the conversation was so entertaining that I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt their colorful explanations of what to do and what the result would be. I know which apartment they live in so I decided to give them a friendly piece of advice anonymously. I printed this out and left it on their door, wishing I could be a fly on the wall when they find it. I laughed all the way back to my apartment as I poured a glass of wine and toasted my genius and opened the drawer to retrieve my favorite toy!


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