I dragged the Biggest cum shot out of him!

Biggest cum shotSitting above my temporary tutoring student, I found myself knowingly stroking his heavy cock and enjoying its raw heat in my hand while fantasizing about the biggest cum shot. “See, wasn’t so hard was it, you still want my tits or can I eat this with my pussy?” He nodded, and that was funny enough I decided against really considering him any further. He was clearly just some brat that didn’t know what he wanted, but his meat was so huge I needed it deep so that was already decided. I straddled him, throwing my top to the side so he could get at my shapely breasts with those hands and that begging pair of lips. “Hah-you’re about to be so deep~” I didn’t waste anymore time, I held his aching rod in one hand, lining it up with my pussy. I was equally swollen with need, and that meant it took me no time at all to devour him with cock worshiping phone sex hot insides. There’s something to be said about a nice teen cock, it’s always better when you’re on top and in control. I didn’t let him have another moment of thought before I was rocking my hips hard in circular motions, devouring length into my cute snatch and leaving an impact on his memory forever. When he cums in his first wife, he’ll remember this. When he has his first little girlfriend, he’ll remember this. When he gets his first positive pregnancy test from a woman, he’ll think back and wonder if it’s really his first, or if he left something inside me. Because within just a few bucks and squeezes, I could feel him unloading hot baby gravy deep where it belongs and continuing to buck up to push it in as deep as possible and leave it there inside his coed phone sex tutor.

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