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Naughty Kaye’s adventures before Creampie Phone Sex

Creampie Phone Sex

I had always been the wild one when it came to Creampies. I never wanted to play it safe and was always pushing boundaries which made Creampie Phone Sex my favorite. Once I was Babysitting for the neighbors, as it turned out it was the perfect way to continuously push those boundaries and to feel naughty and daring. I loved fantasizing about my experiences with the family and the dynamic between naughty daddy and me while I babysat.

Every Friday I became more daring with each sit. One Friday afternoon, when the mom was out and the littles were watching a movie, I decided to take a walk on the wild side. I had been fantasizing about being a slut and wanted to experience it for real.

So, I went into the dad’s man cave where he kept his toys and pulled out a thick dildo I had brought along. i stripped naked and put a gag in my mouth and got on all fours. I knew the dad was going to be home any moment. I used the dildo to pleasure herself while I waited.

Even though I was prepared, he still startled me. He walked in once I was reaching her desired state of arousal, he took the dildo and inserted it deeper inside of me. There were no words exchanged. He knew just what needed to be done.

My puffy nipples always make the Biggest cum shot for me

Biggest cum shot

It had all started when I was younger. I’d been at a party and a few of the boys had noticed my nipples peeking through my shirt. They’d started teasing me, calling me ‘Puffy Nipples’ and laughing. But something strange had happened when one of the boys had made a joke about my nipples and touched them. I had felt an electric shock run through my body and then a huge explosion of pleasure, something told me it would result in the Biggest cum shot.

The boys had all gasped and then laughed. They’d been shocked and excited by what had happened. I had been embarrassed, but I couldn’t deny the pleasure I’d felt.

From then on, whenever I was with a man, my nipples seemed to have a mind of their own. Whenever they were stimulated, the pleasure would build until it was almost too much to bear. Then, just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, there would be an eruption of cum shooting out of my nipples.

I had never spoken to anyone about it, but I could tell that the men I was with enjoyed it just as much as I did. They would often tease my nipples and gaze in awe as the cum shot out.

I knew that I was different, but I didn’t mind. In fact, I was secretly proud of my puffy nipples and the pleasure they brought to others.

Kaye Craves Anal Phone Sex Ass Gaping

Anal Phone Sex

My eyes lit up when I heard about Anal Phone Sex. I had done a lot of anal sex before, but had been too shy to admit I was really obsessed with it. Everyone hears tales of the pleasure and release that came from it, but I had been too scared to explore it much.

But now, here I was, alone in a room with someone encouraging my addiction to anal sex. I took a deep breath and  agreed to be honest about my desires.

At first, everything felt odd and uncomfortable. But as I continued by putting my butt plug in, I felt more and more aroused. I gained great skill and confidence gaping my fuck hole open, and was bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

Then, suddenly, I felt something I’d never felt before – an intense pressure in my pelvis. Then, it happened: I felt a warm liquid spilling out of my body. I gasped in surprise and pleasure as waves of pleasure consumed me.

The experience was unlike anything I had ever known.  It was then that I realized how incredible anal sex could be. I knew I would never forget this pleasure, and that I would explore this form of pleasure often in the future.

The experience was definitely one of the most enjoyable ones of my life – one I would never forget. I was grateful for  to the world of anal sex and squirting and couldn’t wait to explore it even more. I knew I would find more and more pleasure in it in the future.

Kaye knows Breeding Phone Sex leads to situations of Nypho- Eroticism

Breeding Phone Sex

I always knew I was different when I loved Breeding Phone Sex. I was a college student by day, but by night I filled the streets as a breeding cum slut.

My notoriety ultimately became my livelihood, though it had begun as a way to make extra cash before I graduated. Little did she know that the sexual liberation she experienced as a breeding cum slut was a blessing in disguise that would free me of my self-doubt and insecurities.

At first, I was scared – scared of the judgment and scandal of my lifestyle. But that fear melted away as I began to embrace my own sexuality and the pleasure of being with men. I found it empowering to be in control of a situation, to pleasure and to bring joy and satisfaction to someone else.

The night before a client arrived, I would always spend time with myself. I would take a long, hot shower and dress in my favorite lingerie. After, I would light some aromatherapy candles, music, and turn off the lights. In the dark I would spend time alone, caressing my body and summoning the courage I needed to invite strangers inside of my body.

Once my client arrived, I was ready. I was confident and knew that I could pleasure him better than any woman could dream.

My  journey as a breeding cum slut was cathartic. It helped me release my inhibitions, downplay my fears, and ultimately find confidence in my fucking abilities. All of the experiences I had through my work over the years – the joy, the passion, and the pleasure – had all given me a newfound appreciation for my own sexuality and a profound understanding of what it means to be fully alive.

Bratty Girl Phone Sex for horny young whore

Bratty Girl Phone Sex

Kaye had an insatiable appetite for cock during Bratty Girl Phone Sex . Every night she’d stay up late touching herself during calls  scouring the internet for johns in her quest for satisfaction. She didn’t discriminate. Any cock would do.

One night, she stumbled upon Sweet Juicy Joe. His profile was enticing – he was tall, athletic, with a smile that spoke of adventure. Kaye was immediately smitten.

She sent him a message, and after exchanging a few pleasantries, they agreed to meet in person.

When the night came, Kaye was in control. She was in the driver’s seat and made sure that Joe was exactly where he wanted to be.

The pleasure was intense and undeniable. Joe was ready to do whatever Kaye asked of him, and she took him higher and higher until she had complete Cock control.

Her appetite alive and well, Kaye controlled every aspect of their session. She tested and pushed Joe until at the very end, they shared a powerful orgasm in unison.

Kaye got down afterwards and licked all the juice off his cock. Every time their naughty games were different and a turbulently chaotic blend of lust and pleasure. All thanks to Kaye – the woman who controlled cock and savored making men squirt like little school girls. Juicy and sweet.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Creaming in my Fuck Hole

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Kaye is a naughty girl who has always dreams of Cum Slut Phone Sex. She had done all sorts of naughty things, but she had heard about the gloryhole scene and decided to give it a try. She had been to a few adult establishments in the past, but this one was on a whole new level.

The place was dark and mysterious and Kaye could feel the energy radiating from it. She stepped inside and instantly she felt her nerves start to tingle. She knew that something naughty was about to happen. She wasn’t sure if Daddy would be alright with this but she had to head forward.

The room was filled with people and all of their aroused stares only made her feel more excited. There was a large and imposing wall with holes punched through it and she knew exactly what it was for.

Kaye felt an uncontrollable urge to seal her lips around one of those holes, and she eagerly stepped forward. She quickly closed her eyes and felt someone else’s tongue pushing through the hole. It was a wild and dirty experience that she hadn’t expected, but it felt so good.

She felt her body tingle as the person on the other side kept licking, sucking and tonguing her. Kaye felt an orgasm building inside of her and she caved in to it with ecstasy.

The pleasure of the moment was too much for her to bear, and Kaye felt like she had been transformed into the ultimate cum slut. For that one moment in time, she was totally free and completely submissive to her deepest desires.

Daddys Girl Phone Sex for Wet bald pussy

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Daddys Girl Phone Sex will always leave you wanting to know what my tight young pussy looks and feels like . There isn’t much more that I like pleasing Daddy’s on the phone aside from actually pleasing my Daddy. There are so many horny Daddys out there that are just looking for a naughty baby to please their cocks. Being a cock addict,  I can’t ever say no to any of Daddy’s friends

I’ve never had a boyfriend Daddy didn’t approve of. Daddy love knowing I’m pleasing a cock even if that cock is a close friend. Such as was the nature when he dropped me off at his BFFs house Friday. Bob has a boring wife. So Daddy likes to surprise him with me every so often. She’s kind of a bitch, so we have to sneak around. Last Friday she was supposed to be out with the other Karens but I guess they got drunk too fast and she ended up showing up right before Daddy dropped me off. So we ended up having to sneak around to the garage while she was drunk in the shower. Too bad her husband didn’t cum in her instead of me.

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex don’t hold back

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

I was never afraid of Ass To Mouth or Ass To Mouth Phone Sex for that matter. My ass taste and smells delicious. Since I can remember Daddys having our first threesome I wanted to see how nasty we could be with that young girl. Daddy had been fucking my ass for a while. When he took his dripping cock out of her cunt, my cunt got so excited. It was a gut reaction of excitment and I started to drip all over the place. Then he rammed his golden rod into her meat packer and fucked her hard. She was screaming and I was creaming. Then Daddy said he wanted to finish in my mouth. Goddamn I never got more excited. Daddy took his cock out of her ass and put it in my ass. Her ass was absolutely delicious. Daddy fucked my face so good until he emptied his family jewels into my mouth and I sucked them down like a fat chic drinking a margarite.

Age Play Phone Sex for Naughty Neighbor

Age Play Phone Sex

Many of Daddy’s friends like Age Play Phone Sex, and I love to give it to them. I was always a horny little gal. It was no strange occurrence for me to start getting played with when I was younger.  A sensual touch always excited me, and seeing older men get hard looking at my young body ended up with a creamy mess in my panties.

Daddy had a friend down the road who was married, and I loved to think about him when I went to bed. This was before Daddy started taking me regularly. Daddy had already taken me a few times, but Mommy was still living in the house, and he had to be cautious. So, some nights, I would go to bed by myself. When I thought of this neighbor/friend of ours, I would grind my pussy on my stuffed animal.

One night, I had rubbed it so good I couldn’t stop. I looked out my window and could see him in his garage. I just had to go over. It was late, so I didn’t think anyone would be awake to notice me sneaking out. When I got to his garage, he was startled as I stood in my nightgown with my sticky teddy. He asked what I needed. I told him I got my teddy stick and needed something to make it feel better. He asked what did I need to make me feel better. I said my wet pussy. He dropped his wrench and said we couldn’t do anything. Then I dropped to my knees and said I could do something for him. Then he moved closer even as he said we shouldn’t. I unzipped his pants and showed him what I could do.

Breeding Phone Sex whore Savors Creampie’s in Fuckholes

Breeding Phone Sex

What is on the other side of being a Breeding Phone Sex Slut? Cum cum and more cum. I can’t seem to get enough of loads of cum being pumped inside of me, but some would say I have an addiction. But how can it be an addiction if it’s healthy for you? The truth is girls are only happiest when they are making men cum inside them. No matter what other women say, I know they can’t stop smiling when they get a nice fat load inside their fuck holes. Our most requested calls always include breeding fantasies. Everyone loves creampies and nut butter.

I take so many loads of cum each week and each week I still have that craving for more and more cock. There is something about feeling a cock fill you up with its jizz that brings me to my knees.  Daddy does have me on birth control but sometimes I miss a pill or two or five because I love to play with the danger of baby batter. Daddy loves to watch me have my cunt at an angle where he can see a thick creamy load push out the sides from a stiff prick using my fuck hole. Then he grabs my ass and pushes my cunt lips together seeing that luscious mess inside me.