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Daddys Girl Phone Sex hosted by Cum Covered Kaye

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Daddys Girl Phone Sex happens when I’m obedient to Daddy and do exactly what he says. Daddy loves it when I listen and do exactly as he tells me to do and his friends. Last week Daddy introduced me to some new friends of his. One was a tiny man with a very healthy appetite for young girls. He started asking Daddy if he could call me up and talk dirty to me. Because Daddy agreed, he called me for some nasty phone sex to tell me just how much he fantasized about my young cunt. He told me he wanted me to play with myself while we talked, he didn’t have to repeat himself as I am pretty much always ready to open my legs and play with my cunt. He could hear just how wet my cunt was and he hung up on me. I didn’t know what I did wrong until I heard a knock on the door and Daddy told me I had company.

Daddy’s new friend had called Daddy and ask if he could come taste this delightful young cunt. He was behind Daddy and Daddy thought it was awesome so he was also hard. I took both Daddy and his friend and satisfied their every desire. My cunt was already ready from all the dirty talk we had done earlier so I was ready to suck and fuck until the early hours of the morning. After taking many loads of cum I lay there a crust covered cum whore playing with my cunt wanting more. So I logged on.

Slut loves Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Daddy loves it when we are having Cock Worshiping Phone Sex no matter what. He says I’m able to draw cum from cocks like no one else. Just yesterday Daddy was playing cards with his friends in the garage and I came out to see if they wanted any lemonade. Daddy said no, but when he turned around to get back to his card game he could tell all his older friends were distracted looking at me. Daddy takes pride in having a horny young daughter and so he sat back and looked from me to them. Then he asked them if they have ever been with a Cock Worshiping Phone Sex Slut. Believe it or not none of them had been. That’s when daddy knew he could make the Biggest cum shot all over my face and he offered them to service their cocks with my face and body. I dropped to my knees just like Daddy taught me and opened my mouth. Daddy says the best whore is a submissive whore. So when Daddy’s friend Jo wanted my ass, he didn’t have to ask twice. I’m going to be the best cum whore my Daddy could ever have made.

Creampie Phone Sex from Cum Whore

Creampie Phone Sex

Daddy likes to do Creampie Phone Sex before he sticks his cock in my little cunt hole. Daddy started pumping cum into my cunt when he made mommy move out. He said she was a dry cunt and he needed a new wet hole. When mommy moved out Daddy started putting me to bed and he would cuddle up next to me. Daddy would wrap his arms around me and slide his hand down my panties. Daddy’s fingers move back and forth making my clit enlarge. I know some people say Daddy’s shouldn’t molest their sweet daughters but honestly I enjoy when Daddy touches me. His fingers are so soft and he always makes me so wet. I can’t help it but I start to move my hips back and forth and Daddy starts to move his fingers forward toward my wet warm hole. I just always really want him to touch further and faster but Daddys says to wait and have patience. When Daddy gets my pussy juices going I always want him to do more to do. I love Daddy’s touch.

Blasphemy Phone Sex for little bitty baby Kaye


Blasphemy Phone Sex

The preacher at the church around the corner is constantly calling me to have Blasphemy Phone Sex. Daddy told him I could babysit his little ones. Well they really don’t need it, they have tablets. However the preacher loves me coming over so he’s always asking me to babysit for him. But he’s a real kinky kinda guy because he loves to touch me and talk about his daughter. He calls me her name when he sticks his hands down my pants and touches my bald cunt. He gets so excited he stutters and if he has his cock out I can feel him throb in my mouth. Daddy says he is the sickest priest he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting and that cum whores like me are a perfect match to milk that priest dry of cum. Daddy says he should be so glad they met because he would not get away with what Daddy lets him do to my body.  TBH I like when he wears his collar and ask about my sins. It gives me something to strive towards.

Cock control from my young kunny

Cock control Kaye

Daddy always told me cock control rules the world but I didn’t know he was going to put me in control of his cock. Ever since Daddy moved mommy out so he can keep fucking me he’s said I have control of his cock. But it didn’t seem like that to me. It seemed like his cock was in control of me. But recently Daddy has said I need to realize the power of my cunt and he sent to pay for a part at the local mechanic. Daddy said I didn’t need any money, that I could pay for everything I needed with what I had. He got me dressed up in the tightest black outfit with thigh high stockings and the shortest mini skirt with just enough top to cover my ity bity tittes. He dropped me off the end of the day and left and he took my phone (he said something about needing to focus on my skills). Well all I had to do was walk into the shop at the end of the day. There was only the mechanic and he was pissed. I told him who Daddy was and he said he had to pay but he didn’t say it to sure of himself. I told him Daddy said I was going to settle our tab. He looked kind of nervous but then I dropped to my knees. He said he didn’t want any of that, that he was more into eating young tight cunt. He dropped to his needs and pushed my skirt up and proceeded to lick my sweet little snatch. Before I knew it he had me begging for more and he was bending me over a car and giving me nice hard cock in my sweet  little cunt. He wanted me to piss on his face but I was shy but he made me do and and licked up my cunt as the wet piss dripped down his face.

Young bald pussy makes Daddy rock HARD!

Young bald pussy

Daddy says my young bald pussy makes him cup buckets. Often times it’s just daddy and I but sometimes he wants to let his friends get the on Kaye train. He is so funny. Daddy’s short dumpy friend is single and lives with his mom down the road his whole life and he’s old. I don’t know if he’s ever been with a girl my age. Daddy says I’m young but I know I’m a big girl now! I can fit the neighbor’s whole cock down my mouth and make him cum simply by holding my face down at the base of the shaft and contracting my through muscles. Next you open your eyes really wide and barely come off that cock but an inch and then ram it down my cum guzzling throat again and again and again Daddy!!! Everyone always has so much fun when I do that trick. Daddy’s neighbor friend likes to hold my tiny body after he cums and rock me back and forth until his cock gets hard again. On afternoons when Daddy says he can use by body for a while, that little man will pump my whore holes with multiple loads of cum. It’s so fun being this young and making older men squirt and molest my little body.

Daddy make me do Daddys Girl Phone Sex for Cum

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

I don’t think most girls get an awesome daddy that makes them do Daddys Girl Phone Sex. My Daddy is the best, he treats me like I am the only whore who can get his cock off. Last night we were watching tv and I was cuddled up on Daddy. He wrapped his arm around me and rested his hand on my thigh. I could feel the heat from his palms and it was burning a whole in my horny pussy. I couldn’t help wiggling and then his hands started to move more. Daddy moved his fingers to my waste band. My horny kitty started throbbing and I moved to take Daddy’s belt buckle off. It snaps off and I move past it to undo the button and zipper. Daddy’s manhood jumped out of his pants and was right in front of my face. So I took it in my mouth. Daddy was so excited it didn’t take long for him to empty his ooey gooey thick baby batter all inside my mouth hole.

Biggest cum show for Daddy’s tiny Tits Slut

Biggest cum shot

Daddy loves to get the Biggest cum shot on my tiny puffy nipples. He says that’s how I show my love. Daddy started guiding me in ways of being when I was very young. From early on I knew how to please him and what didn’t please him. He said I must always keep my bald cunt as it was the first time he fucked me and made my Kunt bleed for the first time ever. Now that I’m able to handle a good throat fucking Daddy doesn’t hold back at all from using me like the baby he meant me to be from the first time he held me. He cradles my head in his hands and then proceeds to use my face for all it’s worth. Which is only his cock’s pleasure. For some reason my sweet kitty starts to leak every time Daddy has no mercy on my throat. But he says my kunt juices are for his pleasure also and I can’t use them. So I keep my hands away from my molest me button or my fuck hole until I get on here to make money for Daddy. I am completely his to have an do what he wants. Just Daddy’s little fuck slave to serve him in every way possible.  I’m only allowed to play with Daddy’s Kunt after I make other men have pleasure.

Biggest cum shot Ever still needed for hungry Kunt

Biggest cum shot

I thought I’d had the Biggest cum shot ever but honestly I think there is more jizz out there to fill up my hungry Cunt. I want bareback in my insatiable cunt and lots of jizz being pumped into it. Sometimes its really nice to have multiple cocks nearby. Because then I can always have something to stick inside of my horny holes. Just the other day I had finished with a call that left me so horny I pulled out my old faithful and started caressing the gentle kitty with it. Well needles to say it just wasn’t doing the job it needed to be doing. So I had to call my other old faithful over. My neighbors son leaped over the fence to finish the job. But somehow little miss kitty couldn’t be quieted. I’ve very honest with my neighbor’s boy about how hungry my kitty is and he understands, so when ole kitty was purring up a storm and he had already left a deposit in her bank of hungry the poor boy had to stand up again as he reached for his phone and called for back up. Luckily the calvary arrived quickly and proceeded to calm down my mouth with a hard cock, and my kitty needed a good beating. 2 of his friends had to take care of her and do you know she was still hungry? It wasn’t until the calvary sent troops into the back door that the fire alarms went off and the kitty started squirting.

Generally it’s enough for me to get off during calls but sometimes you just need a good fucking. I do have a giant dildo I’ve been waiting to try out with a caller who can handle my dirty mouth and pushes me beyond my edge. Someone who has no edges. I love playing with sweet kitty and getting her worked up for a snack or even a main course. My current ole faithful is a g spot stimulator. It makes me shutter like nothing before. But this giant glass slong would reck my pussy. It would be so nice to have someone direct it into my hungry cunt.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex is for a Cum Dumpster like Me!

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex


I think a good whore knows how to have Cock Worshiping Phone Sex. There isn’t much that gets me going like worshiping a nice cock. I’m not particular on size but I crave multiple cocks at least twice a week. Generally when I get in that mood I head down to the gloryhole and submit to whichever cock comes through the hole. This week I was lucky as a bus of football players happened to be in the parking lot next to the gloryhole. I’m not sure if that was an accident or on purpose but either way I didn’t even have to get out of my car before a few of them were walking over in my direction. By the time I had shut my car door 3 of them were directing my body with their eyes and I was following with my feet. We immediately headed to the back where the booths are. Something about my face must say I love sucking cock because every time I meet a cock I am always on my knees. I finished those guys in no time and by the time they walked out the door there was a line straight back into the booth. One of my greatest accomplishments this year is finishing a football team without even stepping on the field.