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ABDL Hypnosis

So my little sister married this guy after a short engagement. I don’t like him. He’s a typical macho beef head with testosterone where his brain cells should be. Sure, he’s nice to look at, with huge biceps, thick legs, and firm six pack abs, but he’s such an idiot! Anyway, he’s constantly making fun […]

BBW DP Whore At the Bar

After a long stressful week at work I decided to go to the bar with my girlfriend Nina for some food and a few drinks at a neighborhood bar. We wanted to dress the part we both wore our sluts Friday’s best because we knew that we can repent as sinners do on Sundays just […]

Watch Me

Theater practice is probably my favorite class at school that I have ever taken! Every one in the class is so nice and our teacher, Mr. Harmond, is like the coolest, most awesome, hipster guy I hope I ever meet. He’s really cool and laid back and he’s even got the decency to let us go use the bathroom […]

Summer Fling

   Now that I’m back in school again, it makes me sad that I didn’t do half the things I had wanted to in the summer… but that’s ok, because I made the varsity Volleyball team this year! Tryouts are always the first week of school, and some girls think that I’m prissy and weak, […]

Road Trip!

   So I decided that I was going to run away today… I don’t think that I could stand another second in that house with my dumb fuck little sister Quinn. UGH! She thinks she’s so great… with her good grades and perfect boyfriend, that little bitch thinks she’s SO much better than everyone else… […]

I LOVE my Daddy

   Yesterday my mom left for a mini vacation with my little sister Quinn, and left my daddy and I home. Sometimes I hate my daddy, like when he wouldn’t buy me the dress I really wanted for prom last year, but other times he’s the most awesome dude ever! If he ever makes me […]

Pink Surprise

My birthday is one of my favorite holidays because my friends are so great to me. My friends made a huge deal about my birthday this year, but nobody’s present could beat what Derrick, my GBF (Gay Best Friend) gave me… a MASSIVE, sparkly, pink, vibrating dildo. I was SO embarrassed, but everyone thought it […]

Spank Me!

You know I love it when you spank my tight, round ass. When you take and bend me over your knee, my cute little naked ass awaiting the strong hand that I know is coming to put me in my place! I want you to spank my ass so hard that your handprint is a […]

Purple Surprise

  Last week I discovered something wonderful in my friends bedroom… a big, sparkly, purple rubbery cock! It was so big that I could’t help myself, so I just slipped it into my backpack and waited until her mom took me home. As soon as I arrived home I quietly slipped upstairs to me room […]

Where is my Romeo?

My name is Juliet and I’m looking for my Romeo. I’m a teen who is extremely hot and horny, it must be a hormone thing because all I think about is cocks and cum and fucking. I have firm, perky tits with nipples that stand straight up and are hard like bullets. My ass is […]


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