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ABDL Hypnosis

adult phone chat Tamara (2)So my little sister married this guy after a short engagement.
I don’t like him.
He’s a typical macho beef head with testosterone where his brain cells should be.
Sure, he’s nice to look at, with huge biceps, thick legs, and firm six pack abs, but he’s such an idiot!
Anyway, he’s constantly making fun of my profession, ripping on the fact that I “put guys to sleep for money.”
That sorry sack of shit actually had the nerve to say that “You’d make better money PUTTING guys to sleep, if you know what I mean!”
My baby sister FINALLY gets sick of his little comments and together we cook up a plan to REALLY put him in his place!
I started out slow, just a few positive reinforcements for good behavior, gentle touches and when I leaned over him I made sure to push my breasts against his back.
Then I got him by himself during the big football game, I began by whispering lowly next to him.
Just low enough for him to pay more attention to me instead of the game.
Then I sat down in his lap and looked full into his eyes, grabbing the remote out of his hands and shutting off the t.v while I snaked my other hand in his hair.
I slowly counted backwards from 20, watching for the telltale signs of going into a deep sleep as his breathing got heavier and his eyelids drooped.
Once he was out I spoke directly to his inner young self, instructing it to come forward at the age of a very little one.
“You cannot walk, you cannot talk, you eat and cry and shit in a diaper. You are completely helpless and reliant on others, vulnerable.”
I then spoke to his consciousness.
“You are extremely aroused by the smell of diapers and powder, The way the diaper feels soft and padded on your ass and the silky smooth powder catching in every crease around balls. You think bottled formula is delicious, every time you piss or shit in your diaper you will have an intense orgasm no matter where you are or who’s watching.”
The last thing I implanted in his consciousness was the intense need to have his tight, virgin asshole filled with thick cocks at all hours of the day.
Who’s fucking with who now, bitch?!!
Then I gave him the closer:
“Even when you are your normal adult self, you will intensely crave your time as a wee one. You will not feel safe or secure until you are in a diaper with something, ANYTHING filling your pucker.”
“All of this will be triggered by the word: Banana.”
I brought him out of his nap just as my little sister walked through the door with the pizza.
I smiled at her and whispered “banana” as she set the pizza down on the coffee table.
Immediately he started bawling like a little bitch, slobbering all over himself and getting snot everywhere.
She actually got pissed off at me, guess she didn’t think I was gonna do it.
I told her that I am NOT removing it, and he had better hope like hell that no one at his job likes…. BANANAS!!!

BBW DP Whore At the Bar

After a long stressful week at work I decided to go to the bar with my girlfriend Nina for some food and a few drinks at a neighborhood bar.
We wanted to dress the part we both wore our sluts Friday’s best because we knew that we can repent as sinners do on Sundays just like all of the other sluts sinning all weekend do.

As we walked in the bar the presence of smoke and beer filled the air and all eyes turned feeling the passion and lust for us. We both are in our high heels and very low cut tops and skirts that gave you just a peek of what we had to offer.

We both sat on the high bar chairs and as I did my skirt is hiked up over my legs so they can see my black thigh highs almost up to my black satin panties. I ordered an Appletini and my friend ordered a Long Island Iced Tea.

A few handsome guys approach us and ask what our names are, two were white and one was black, we introduced ourselves, they asked us if we frequent in the bar a lot we said occasionally and we are out looking to unwind and have fun from a long hard week.

After a few drinks we both got a little bit tipsy and loose and as busty as we were started to fall out of our shirts and flirt a little. My friend and I usually get very horny and very hot when we drink alcohol.

I get up on the bar and do a table dance and my friend Nina joins me, soon enough the table dance turns into a hot sensuous lesbian session with both of us kissing and fondling up a storm of our of our bodies and start to take our clothes off and start to have sex with each other in the middle of the bar with the men and women patrons watching and starting to participate.

Nina puts her fingers in my tight pussy and starts to pump them in and out as her tongue licks my hard flesh of a clitoris and sucks on my love button as she flicks her tongue wildly against it as I start to buck in pleasure.

As men were leaving the bar to go back to their cars they would bring back rope and make signs and hang it around our necks and writes on it “FREE FUCK”. All the men would gather around and line up to take turns on both my friend and I and get lucky.

Watch Me

Theater practice is probably my favorite class at school that I have ever taken! Every one in the class is so nice and our teacher, Mr. Harmond, is like the coolest, most awesome, hipster guy I hope I ever meet. He’s really cool and laid back and he’s even got the decency to let us go use the bathroom when we need to! He thinks that I’ve got some great acting skills, but I don’t know… all I know is that at night when I’m in bed I like to pretend. Sometimes I pretend we’re rich and we live in a HUGE mansion with like 2 pools and a butler. My favorite fantasy though is of Mr. Harmond. I imagine him giving me lots of praise when he comes over to tutor me, and he puts his hand on my leg, and before I know it he’s laid my back on my kitchen table. His hands pushing my skirt up… he’s moving my panties to the side… and then all that once his thick cock is all the way inside me and he’s fucking me raw. Of course when I wake up in the morning my dreams have ended, but sometimes I swear I can still feel the tingles that he made me feel in my dream.  

Summer Fling

   Now that I’m back in school again, it makes me sad that I didn’t do half the things I had wanted to in the summer… but that’s ok, because I made the varsity Volleyball team this year! Tryouts are always the first week of school, and some girls think that I’m prissy and weak, but I really shut them up! I worked out all summer to make sure that I was ready for tryouts, and I made a friend along the way too. Tyler Jacobs, a varsity football player for my high school lives a few houses down from me and I have had a MAJOR crush on him since like the third grade.  Anyway, one morning he came outside to get the paper and he saw me coming back from a run. He asked me if I needed a running buddy, and of course I said yes! I was NOT going to pass up the chance to be closer to Tyler. We got really close over the summer… in more ways than one (if you know what I mean). My parents have a BBQ at the end of the summer, and we kissed in the pool! I hope we keep getting closer through out the school year.

Road Trip!

   So I decided that I was going to run away today… I don’t think that I could stand another second in that house with my dumb fuck little sister Quinn. UGH! She thinks she’s so great… with her good grades and perfect boyfriend, that little bitch thinks she’s SO much better than everyone else… so I decided I was going to leave. I managed to pack all my clothes, some shoes and my cell phone, iPad and Macbook into a backpack and a suitcase. I drove all night until my car ran out of gas. I ended up at one of those weird welcome center things you see when you take road trips and I decided to see if a trucker or someone would pick me up and take me anywhere but where I was. I didn’t meet any truckers, but I did meet a really nice guy who had one of those RV type things. He told me he would take me anywhere I wanted to go if I could make it worth his while. I didn’t have any money, but I think he meant something more along the lines of… well…sex. If it gets me where I wanna go I’ll do anything he wants!

I LOVE my Daddy

   Yesterday my mom left for a mini vacation with my little sister Quinn, and left my daddy and I home. Sometimes I hate my daddy, like when he wouldn’t buy me the dress I really wanted for prom last year, but other times he’s the most awesome dude ever! If he ever makes me mad enough to threaten to run away with my boyfriend, Bryan, he knows just how to calm me down. Yesterday I wanted to go shopping with some of my friends after my mom and sister left, but my daddy was being really mean and said no… but he made up for it by telling me he would teach me something even more fun! He told me to just go wait in my room for a minute, and that I should make sure to not have any panties on under my skirt. Ooh, I think I know what my daddy wants to teach me. My tight little pussy was practically already dripping when he layed down beside me and slipped his hand under my skirt. I already knew what to do, I spread my legs and let him play with my pussy; My daddy knows just how to make me feel SO good… I love my daddy so much…

Pink Surprise

My birthday is one of my favorite holidays because my friends are so great to me. My friends made a huge deal about my birthday this year, but nobody’s present could beat what Derrick, my GBF (Gay Best Friend) gave me… a MASSIVE, sparkly, pink, vibrating dildo. I was SO embarrassed, but everyone thought it was super funny, so I went along with it. After the party ended and everyone had gone home, that little…er… big pink surprise was still on my mind. A guy I really liked had come to my party, and he looked SO HOT! I grabbed the… item in question and started creating my own little fantasy. I pretend that instead of a huge vibrating dildo, it was Matt’s hard cock teasing me… and soon forcing it’s way inside my tight cunt. The feeling so intense that it only took me a few minutes to cum around ‘fantasy Matt’. I really hope that ‘fantasy Matt’ will soon be real Matt.

Spank Me!

You know I love it when you spank my tight, round ass. When you take and bend me over your knee, my cute little naked ass awaiting the strong hand that I know is coming to put me in my place! I want you to spank my ass so hard that your handprint is a permanent red mark on me, so that I can always have a reminder of what happens to naughty girls like me. With every hard smack you give my waiting ass, my light pink cunt gets wetter and wetter! I promise I’ll be a good girl and do whatever you want me to. I’ll bend over and accept your thick, hard lovestick into my tight little cunny. Th feeling of your big cock stretching me to my limits feels almost as good as when you spank me! Tell me I’m your bad little slut and punish me like I know only you can!

Purple Surprise


Last week I discovered something wonderful in my friends bedroom… a big, sparkly, purple rubbery cock! It was so big that I could’t help myself, so I just slipped it into my backpack and waited until her mom took me home. As soon as I arrived home I quietly slipped upstairs to me room to have some ‘personal fun’. I felt wetter than ever as I slid my fingers over the thick, rubber cock. I couldn’t help but think of you as I laid back and slipped three of my fingers over my flat stomach and down into my slick pink folds. It only took a few minutes before the desire got the best of me, so I took hold of the base of the cock and slid the entire thing into my tight slit in one thrust. The feeling of it filling me up reminded me of all the times I’ve snuck out to be with you… I hope I get to see you and your huge cock soon!

Where is my Romeo?

My name is Juliet and I’m looking for my Romeo. I’m a teen who is extremely hot and horny, it must be a hormone thing because all I think about is cocks and cum and fucking. I have firm, perky tits with nipples that stand straight up and are hard like bullets. My ass is firm, round and delicious, and being a gymnast allows me to do some crazy shit. Like putting my heels behind my head, and having you eat my shaved pussy like that, then fucking me till you came all over my face. I’m so wet now just talking about it, I’ll swallow every fucking drop of cum you have in you. Romeo oh Romeo where art thou? Is it you? Call me and we’ll find out if you are, and you will get me, you’ve probably jerked off to my pictures already. But you can have it for real, I’m waiting for a real man to do me hard and long.  I want men who have done it all before and who know how to get me off too. This could be a classic love story, or a great fuck and suck session, it’s all the same to me.