How to Not Pay your Dentist

Submissive Phone SexToday was my oh so dreaded appointment with my dentist. I love to have nice teeth, I just hate everything you have to do to keep them nice, pretty and white. I arrive on time for my appointment, my hands are just shaking and I can’t stop them. My dentist always schedules extra time for my appointments because he has to put me under every time. This time I woke up a little sooner than I think my dentist anticipated, he must not have given me enough of the drug. When I woke up I wan on a table, not in the dentist chair, I was stark ass naked and their was dried cum all over my face and my pussy.

When the dentist came back into the room I was still pretty groggy and he had some other guy with him. He told me he was sorry but they weren’t done yet and before I could react he gave me another shot and I was out like a light. The next time I woke up I couldn’t remember much I did know that I had been fucked in my pussy and my mouth. It must have been long and hard because both were swollen and I was in a lot of pain. When I confronted my dentist he said this is how he has been taking care of my teeth since I was little and that’s why there was never a charge.

He went on to explain that he had made this arrangement years ago my Father and if I wanted it to stop and for him to start charging for his services he would do that. I told him that wouldn’t be necessary, after all who is going to turn down free dentistry when it is so expensive. I just asked that going forward I wanted to remember the fucking’s so I could enjoy my appointment as much as he does, he said not a problem as he smiled. My poor lips (both sets) are so swollen right now so he gave me some pain medicine before I left!

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