I Am The Perfect Sugar Baby

GFE Phone SexI am the perfect Sugar Baby because I love to let you spoil me, take me shopping and buy me pretty things. When we go out I know there’s nothing I want that you won’t buy for me. I really love it when you take me on business trips with you. When you showed up and said we were going to Milan on business, I was so excited! I started packing a bag, but you said we are leaving with only the clothes on our backs! I love these trips because you buy us both a whole new wardrobe, shoes and all. Of course, I know the lingerie store is your favorite place, so when we get there I make sure to have several dozen sexy little outfits to try on for you. When I put on the first one, a red bra-less corset and little boys shorts that expose my ass cheeks you get all riled up! You grab me and lift me up onto your already hard cock and fuck me right there in the dressing room. You tell me to get all of them in my size, no need to try them on because you know I look good in them all. This is one of the many reasons I love being your sugar baby.

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