How Do You Like Chocolate?

Today is International Chocolate Day. Of course for girls like me that love BBC, we celebrate chocolate everyday. But in honor of the holiday i thought I would get a little inventive and very creative.
So you tell me, how do you like your chocolate?
Do you prefer to have nipples, hard and erect dipped in dark chocolate for your licking and sucking pleasure?
Do you prefer to have a banana split, served on a huge tight ass, chocolate and strawberry sauce dripping down the round firm cheeks?
Perhaps you would like a hot fudge sundae served up in bowls and topped with perky tits ready for your tongue?
Or do you like to keep it simple and just pour chocolate syrup down a plump jiggling ass, bent over with pussy lips exposed, watching the chocolate drip down the center waiting for you to slurp it up?
Any way you like it, if you want to celebrate International Chocolate Day, it can be loads of fun for both of us!

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