Blast Them Brains

When you fuck up, you fuck up and the consequences are what they are. I love being in control of snuffing a bitch, it doesn’t matter if I nabbed her up off the street or she fucked up and pissed me off.
I used to get off on cutting a bitch up, causing her pain, mutilating and torturing her until she passes out and then waking her up to end it all while she is looking into my eyes.
Recently however I have gotten into watching the flesh fly off a bitch as she gets blown to bits by my new little gun. I love the cold steel, the power of the kick when i pull the trigger, the sound of the bullet flying out and clinking on the floor or pavement as the smoke bellows out of the muzzle. And the smell of freshly fired gun powder is something else.
Last night I nabbed a bitch off the street that pissed me off earlier in the day. Making her put the muzzle of my baby in her mouth and watching the back of her head blow off was a rush like no other. If you have never watched grey matter splatter out of the back of a skull you are missing out for sure!

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