Chocolate desire

I know exactly what you need.  What is gonna satisfy that hunger you have. You need a big chocolate dick to snack on. You need to feel it sliding up against you. You need to unwrap it. And then slide it down your throat. Taste this delicious piece of candy I have.  Once you go chocolate you never go back!  I will melt in your mouth just like chocolate should. My cock is getting hard just thinking about it. You on your knees and me fucking your pretty little mouth. Making you take every single inch.  When my cock gets throbbing hard its time to slide it right inside that tight little hole of yours. Your gonna bend over and let me fill you up completely with my big chocolate cock. And after I pump you hard, After I make you cum all over yourself.  Im gonna melt deep inside that little hole. Mmmm Are you ready for your chocolate desire?

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