He’s Just A Love Machine….

I know better then to go to bed horny and with a buzz off wine. Last night I was bored and stayed up late watching old movies. The last one was Short Circuit. Drinking wine and enjoying a relaxing night is great but when your horny as hell you should always masturbate before bed. I remember thinking how cool it would be if Johnny Five was a fuck machine. What would he look like? How would he fuck me? And how great would it be to have a fucking robot to take care of my pussy when I was horny and masturbation just didn’t seem like it was enough. When I feel asleep the robot from the movie filled my dreams. Animated and ready to fuck the shit out of me, singing:

” (I,I,)I’m just a love machine and I won’t fuck for nobody but you…(I,I )I’m just a love machine ………….. A fuck your pussy fiend”

His cold metal parts and robotic movements turn me on. I spread my pussy for him and he penetrates me with his robotic dick. He does exactly what he is told going faster and deeper and then slower and easier. He has a robotic hand that reaches out and rubs my swollen nipples sending small electric shocks to them that drives me insane, while his other robotic arm has a vibrator that stimulates my clit, bringing me to the brink and then stopping when I tell him to. I let him tease me all night long and when I wake up my sheets are soaked, and my fingers are deep in my pussy.

Yes he is just a love machine….in my dreams.

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