Deep Kiss…

I had the best dream of you and me!  You lay in the bed naked, and watch as I emerge from the steamy doorway of the bathroom, fresh from my shower.  My body is still dewy wet, my skin smooth and glowy, even after drying myself.  I am busy rubbing the towel through my hair, as I saunter to the dresser.  You enjoy the fragrance emanating from my skin into the air surrounding us, and can’t help but stiffen at the sight of my soft hands gliding all over my body, as I moisturize myself.  You gaze with desire, as I put on matching bra and panties.  It’s when I begin to brush my hair that you can’t hold back any longer.  I feel your hand wrap around my waist, while your lips graze my neck.  You turn me around, tilt my head, and give me the deepest, softest, most passionate kiss I’ve ever had!
I hope you’re looking for me, because I got lost in your kiss…

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